Tangram Tangles!

Today at noon I did the Tangram Tangles activity! First I did one of the basics that we could do, I tried the umbrella where there is a person holding an umbrella. I really liked the activity where you need to figure out how to fit all of them, it just really hurt my brain, but the umbrella one was one of the easiest. The one part that I got kinda stuck is where you make the umbrella because keep making the square shape with them instead of bigger tangles, first I made it upside down.


After that I started to make my own, I decided to make a fish because it’s summer and you go out fishing, and in the summer the sun shines on the water and the water is really warm for the fishes. summer is a great season to go fishing! It took me a while, I’m not very filmier with Tangram Tangles. My favourite part about making these shapes was how you can make so many cool shapes with these smaller shapes. The hardest part of making the fish is for the tail and the middle part of the fish. I used the old way of drawing fish (2+2).

2 thoughts on “Tangram Tangles!

  1. Kia ora Nika,

    Manar here from the Summer Learning Journey Team.

    I love how you are descriptive of each step of the process when creating your tangram tangle shapes. You have included what worked well and what was difficult at first, but you resolved perfectly, especially the fish’s body I thought it would be difficult to make, But you did an amazing job at this!

    Have you been fishing before? What did you catch?

    Keep it up!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

  2. Kia Ora Nika, it’s me your friend Jack.L from your school. I love your fish it looks so cool, I can’t even compare my tangram image to yours. This reminds me of when I was young I was fishing with my dad. To improve you could do something about the colours so you could make the image more realistic.

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